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Market analysis

Quantitative and qualitative assessment of a target market conditions in terms of size, both in volume and value, customer segments and buying patterns, competition and economic environment such as barriers to entry and regulation.

Contract negotiation

Our team of contracting and negotiation experts will work to assure your contract negotiations satisfy both you and your partner through review of the proposed contract, pricing, conditions and service terms, resolutions to disagreements, comparison to other similar contracts in the market place and, ultimately, finding the meeting point that leaves both parties satisfied with the contract.

Go-to-market strategy

Planning and preparation for introducing your new offer (product or service) to a market, both in terms of Product Development (introducing a new product into an existing market) and Diversification (introducing a new product into a new market).

Product launch assistance

Our dedicated team of product launch consulting experts will help you time and plan your product or service launch, overseeing the development and implementation of the agreed action plan. 

Partners scouting & selection

We help companies develop their business in global markets. Based on our extensive network of business contacts, we craft beneficial partnerships for manufacturers, rights holders, distributors and developers of existing or new products and technologies

Marketing & sales planning

Assistance in defining ongoing programs and campaigns to drive demand for your product or service offer, before or after it has been introduced to a given market.

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